Jacqueline Piotaz Cotton Cleansing Mitts

Jacqueline Piotaz Cotton Cleansing Mitts

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The Professional Cleansing Mitts from Jacqueline Piotaz allow you to experience spa style results in your own home. Specially designed with two layers of dual effect cotton fabric and a sponge inner to retain heat and moisture for high performance cleansing, the mitts fit comfortably onto the fingers for easy use.

Featuring one textured side to gently exfoliate the skin's surface, drawing out dirt and impurities, whilst the fine-weave side is ideal for the removal of eye make-up. Suitable for all skin types, notice of a brighter, revitalized and clarified complexion.

How to use: Soak mitts in warm water, slot over 4 fingers and use to wipe away cleanser, make-up and grime. Use the fine side for eye make-up removal.

4 mitts included